Working on the Repository

Work on existing issues

To start, just go in the issue board here, choose one of interest to you and add a comment with the text: “take”. (without space nor quotation marks, just the four letters)

Once you did the necessary development to complete the issue, we are happy to review your pull request and merge your work.

Bug reports

We are the happiest people if you show us a bug that we somehow introduced in our codebase. To submit a proper bug report, please provide us with a comprehensive issue comment allowing us to reproduce the error.

In case the bug can be reproduced in a notebook, a link to a notebook executed on a tool like Binder is perfect.

Enhancements and feature requests

To suggest enhancement or feature, the usual way is to make an issue. If you want to discuss with us live, please join us on the next developer’s meeting (see the dedicated page with our calendar and its visioconference link).